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22 May 2014| No Comments on X-Men: Days of Future Past     by Sean Chavel


One of those movies about to save the future (before it turns into the similar hell of “The Matrix” reality) you have to travel back to the past. X-Men: Days of Future Past is a good movie for its fans, and it has a lot of visual creativity (slo-mo bullet time) for non-Marvel fans. The large cast is innumerably expansive, but I would narrow it down to Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine), James McAvoy (young Charles Xavier, i.e. Professor X), Michael Fassbender (as young Magneto) and Jennifer Lawrence (as Mystique) as the major players.

The Sentinals are robotic overlords that have, well, ruined the future. To change the current dystopia of 2023, the big minds of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellan) send Wolverine back to the 1970’s during the Richard Nixon era. Wolverine’s first task is rounding up the X-Men but these guys aren’t crusaders yet. This results in too many obligatory good guy versus good guy fights so everyone can stake respect. Once everyone is on the same page (sort of), they have to breakout young Magneto from a prison several hidden floors beneath the Pentagon.

The thing about Magneto, and the feisty Mystique whose temper is unmanageable, is that the two of them ignite more warfare than there would have been if they hadn’t been around. That’s the thing about these X-Men egos – like the egos of “Watchmen” – they cause more harm than good when they’re out publicly. I don’t think any one of them gave thought to the “Make Love Not War” credo of the 1960’s.

X-Men-Day-Future -Michael-Fassbender“Days of Future Past” leads to a climactic battle at the White House, better choreographed than most recent action films but still whip-lashy. There is some Nixon obtuse right-wing satire, and Peter Dinklage is effective as the scientist Bolivar Trask whose dangerous work on The Sentinals is pivotal in destroying the future. Everything is so quick-cutting, however, I’m not sure if I remember the fates of all the antagonists by the time it’s over.

I liked this entry, but there wouldn’t be a movie in the first place if The X-Men were all cooperative with each other. Belligerent and quick-tempered, young Magneto and Mystique need six months of therapy and a cup of calming tea if anything. Jackman, with his buff fearlessness, has movie star appeal once again but has less and less to do as the movie goes forward.

Also with Nicholas Hoult (as Beast), Halle Berry (as Storm), Evan Peters (as Quicksilver), Anna Paquin (as Rogue), Omar Sy (as Bishop), Ellen Page (as Kitty Pryde), Shawn Ashmore (as Iceman) and Booboo Stewart (as Warpath).

131 Minutes. Rated PG-13.


Film Cousins: “Back to the Future” (1985); “The Matrix” (1999); “X-Men: First Class” (2011): “Wolverine” (2013).



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