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Sean Chavel is a Los Angeles based author and film critic. He has worked as a news reporter for the publications “LAX Magazine” and the “Argonaut” of Marina del Rey, CA before he found his critic’s gigs for multiple movie publications. After more than seven years of freelancing, Sean’s new full-time vocation has become his first attempt at launching and creating his own movie website, the first to be specific with his obsessions and trademark blunt witticisms. His specialties are the in-depth reviews of special genres and subjects such as “Masterpiece Obscure.” As a talent who entwines his family, relationship and travelling experiences into his writings, he hopes to bring more familiar practicality to film criticism contrary to the dweebs who watch ten movies a day from their grubby basements. Advertise on to hype your brand or product and reach Sean’s thousands of readers worldwide.

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