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Interview: Director Omid Nooshin Discusses ‘Last Passenger’

Last Passenger (United Kingdom) is the new runaway train movie done in a Hitchcockian style. Omid Nooshin is the first-time director, and I would hope he has a future [...]


Runaway Train (1985)

Man versus machine action movie grounded in reality. Runaway Train (1985) is one of the best action thrillers of the 1980’s, it’s got depth plus fierce snowstorm scenery. Jon Voight and Eric Roberts garnered [...]



Bizarre in all the wrong ways, amounting to a bug in your brain. Transcendence is an artificial intelligence yarn about taking a dying man’s brain and uploading his consciousness to a high-tech processor and computer [...]


Tasting Menu

Pleasantly OK, but with major errors in judgment. Tasting Menu (Spanish and English, with English subtitles) is about a closing best restaurant on the coast of Barcelona and the final exclusive dinner prepared for thirty diners [...]


Dom Hemingway

Beyond the call of duty, Jude Law has gone out of the way to occupy a scrubby, belligerent ex-con for this coarse black comedy. Dom Hemingway is somewhat of an original character, if you discount [...]


Straight Time (1978)

The great Dustin Hoffman performance you’ve never seen playing convict on parole Max Dembo, actually it’s one of the best performances ever period. Straight Time (1978) is as obscure a masterpiece you will find, it was brushed under the rug [...]



David Gordon Green’s best film to date recalls the bleak and brilliant spirit of such Cormac McCarthy novels as “Suttree” and “Cities of the Plain.” Joe takes place in the remote backwoods and hick towns of Texas where many live just above the poverty line [...]


Draft Day

As a fantasy football guy I might have learned one or two things. Draft Day is a day in the life, ticking down from the clock thriller built around the NFL Draft, with occasional smart insight into the team office. There are definitely some extraneous elements that don’t belong [...]


Only Lovers Left Alive

Confined minor-key vampire tale by a witty indie film artist. Only Lovers Left Alive is undoubtedly the work of iconoclast Jim Jarmusch who doesn’t usually have complete visions realized but is a pro at chipping up little ditties and riffs on established genres [...]


All That Jazz (1979)

One of the ten best films ever made. All That Jazz (1979), the wild hyper-sexual movie musical, is to my adult senses the most sheer exhilarating movie time and time again. I get a buzz and tingles from it that builds to an ecstasy. Bob Fosse would have been regarded [....]


Nymphomaniac Vol. 1

Graphic pornographic content but not a pornographic film, this Danish film explores sex addiction in ways that an American film would not dare. Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 is the newest Lars von Trier avante-garde provocation, the most demented but artistically poetic of filmmakers [...]


Nymphomaniac Vol. 2

Part two of the intense Danish hypersexual epic that breaks boundaries in ways that an American film would never dare. Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac Vol. 2 never steps wrong for me until the final scene. For a week I was still trying to figure out why von Trier decided to end it that way. Yet does it really matter if [...]