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Joker has early scene pungency and it is obvious it contains a volcanic Joaquin Phoenix performance that should have us standing to applause. In addition, it contains a bleak […]


Ad Astra

Ad Astra is a gourmet popcorn adventure picture, although some might find it dark and despondent. Set in outer space in the near future, Brad Pitt (as astronaut Roy McBride) is called for top secret duty […]


sex, lies & videotape (1989)

The camera runs over concrete scored to frenzied guitar plucks, assuming its attached to a car moving somewhere fast and urgent. Then that man who steps out uses extra time […]



Diving right into the strip club milieu without batting an eye, the fervidly entertaining and scams unveiling Hustlers takes its true story premise very far. Constance Wu, as Destiny, is a sought-after “Scores!” type girl […]


Ready or Not

Wedding day festivities are romantic for about five minutes. Grace (Samara Weaving) marries into an unorthodox blueblood family with a family fortune in board games in Ready or Not, and they expect the bride to play midnight games […]


Where’d You Go, Bernadette

I was led on expecting an old fashioned women’s picture of a slightly stressed mom who needs a vacation or a flight of fancy and got hit with something heavier. Uh, uh, I mean ugh, somebody needs to give Cate Blanchett a tranquilizer and sedate […]


The Farewell

About 80 minutes into the deftly and emotionally supple 98-minute total of The Farewell, a major character darts out of a major family function and is seen running through […]


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino’s skill is too pruned and too precise to not make an interesting picture, a compulsively entertaining one and the freedom to make an eccentric one. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a supremely textured throwback […]


Once Upon a Time in the West (1969)

Sergio Leone often goes for pure visual storytelling without dialogue, but everything indeed is a sophisticated puzzle piece. At the time in 1969, Once Upon a Time in the West was thought of as an overblown western […]


The New World (2005)

In which Terrence Malick opens up the aperture of his camera to capture exquisite rays of natural light on Jamestown circa 1607, only to give us a limited geographical sight of it all. That flustered me about The New World when I first saw it in 2005 […]


The Perfume of Yvonne (1994)

The luscious French erotic drama/reverie The Perfume of Yvonne is a neglected piece by director Patrice Leconte who had revered international success in the 1990’s […]


Christiane F. (1981)

It’s like having your head washed in a toilet for a little more than two hours. Christiane F., from Germany, is one of the heralded foreign films of the early 1980’s, aggrandized by the shock value […]