Recent Reviews


Ted 2

I love Seth MacFarlane, and I admire the chances he takes, but here is an example of when he goes too far. Ted 2 hits us up immediately with the foul-mouthed teddy bear’s bawdy wedding […]


The Elephant Man (1980)

Supreme filmmaking. The Elephant Man (1980) is a peerless look at 1880’s London, the high society and the low where John Merrick dwelled as a circus freak […]


Jurassic World

One could nearly say it’s better than the previous three entries combined. Jurassic World for a long while gave me a huge grin. It calls back the 1990’s style blockbuster […]



I was a fan who caught every episode of the HBO show, but now that it has been adapted to the big screen it feels like torture. Entourage has Hollywood movie star Vinny Chase […]



It’s not the high-spirited, rollicking affair you’d hope it would be. Aloha is a rather soppy crisis of conscience dramedy, with Bradley Cooper learning lessons from […]


Mad Max: Fury Road

Heart-stopping and weird. Mad Max: Fury Road rockets past exposition and hurls us into the most extreme of wasteland futures where men kill for gasoline. Insane killing and maiming […]


Avengers: Age of Ultron

All the mechanical elements are there in service of a tentpole blockbuster, but what’s missing is comedy and camaraderie. Avengers: Age of Ultron opens well […]


Ex Machina

Brainy masterpiece sci-fi. Ex Machina outclasses some of the most notable fictions and films about artificial intelligence, and even general science fiction […]


Ten Netflix Films in April 2015

Titles I happened to check out on Netflix in the month of April 2015 listed from best to worst […]


True Story

The kind of true crime docudrama that came often in 1990’s cinema. True Story is a riveting and decently acted one based on a bizarre murder case where the accused was caught in Mexico after fleeing […]


Furious 7

Outlandishly over-the-top action has the best cinematography of the series, and it’s fun. At the start, Furious 7 dabbles in bikini-clad babes like the early installments and bumps around between subplots […]


While We’re Young

Oddly intellectual comedy with SoHo New York vibes. While We’re Young is a mild name for a movie but a big entry for Noah Baumbach whose […]