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Best Films of 2015

I truly love these films […]


The Revenant

This grueling experience is elevated by its visual achievements. The Revenant is practically a fantasy of mine as a boy on how I would shoot a dirty […]


The Big Short

Improbable director Adam McKay (of Will Ferrell comedies) doesn’t need a bail-out, he has undisputedly done a great job. The Big Short goes back […]


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I’ve never been one that lived for Star Wars movies, but I’m not a cynic either, so yes I did like the newest one. Star Wars: The Force Awakens shows that once […]



Strong admiration is extended, but I’m now as thrilled by it as I should be. Carol is the 1950’s lesbian love story, that taboo subject, that director Todd Haynes often does very well […]



First-class writing with second-class material. Creed finds another way to dig up the Rocky Balboa saga, this time by looking into the story of Adonis Creed […]



Another Bond movie hampered by unavoidable weaknesses. Spectre often arrives in places without telling us what information 007 is acting on […]


Crimson Peak

This gorgeous looking film is faulty in nearly every other area, especially with its meandering storytelling. Crimson Peak is an odd period piece horror film that teases us with grotesque […]


Steve Jobs

It’s the work of brilliant people behind the camera, but I’m shaking my head with what they left out of the film. Steve Jobs has a first-rate and disciplined performance by Michael Fassbender […]


Bridge of Spies

Takes about fifteen minutes to get oriented, but Steven Spielberg’s latest becomes a fascinating Cold War historical drama and gripping grown-up entertainment. Bridge of Spies not just depicts a time of history, it absorbs us […]


The Walk

Marvelously done and awe-inspiring. The Walk is going to be accused of schmaltz, but to the right optimist, it is splendid and uplifting, beautiful and nimble […]


The Martian

Archetypal man gone stranded story, but it has some cool basic science and is well-paced. The Martian continues a trend of outer space adventures […]