Recent Reviews


A Simple Favor

Paul Feig has proved to be one of the better slapstick/farce directors in today’s Hollywood (“Bridesmaids,” “The Heat,” “Spy”). A Simple Favor shows that he can direct good old fashioned suspense. Not that he has stopped his actors from experimenting with […]


Three Frontiers

Any action movie is going the extra mile if it’s set outside of the United States, and takes us into the heart of darkness of, say, South America. Three Frontiers instantly plunges into a raid […]


Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel transports the action from another part of the galaxy to the mid-90’s planet Earth, where Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson tag-team… nah, team up so Jackson can provide Larson with backup support, all to fight […]


Vox Lux

There’s a riveting dread that’s laced throughout the picture, as we fear that even the victim is heading somewhere into a morally lost descent that is a no good place. Vox Lux opens with the kind of ripped from the headlines horror that we want to turn our eyes away from […]



I thought at best it would rekindle my nostalgia for stalker thrillers from the 1990’s. The commercials for Greta, about a young single woman (Chloe Grace Moretz) who befriends an old woman (Isabelle Huppert) who turns out to be a crazy clingy stalker, looks competent but soft-edged […]


The Changeover

There are so many horror entries that rests its gimmicks on witches spells and possession that the tropes are on an endless recycle. The Changeover rehashes ingredients from better films of the supernatural genre, and then dices in some mercurial rules for breaking a witch spells that are hard to interpret […]


Miss Bala (2019)

Miss Bala is a remake of the 2011 Spanish film where a beauty contestant became ensnared in a crossfire between drug cartels and American DEA agents out to exploit her accessibility. It won respectability and was graced with a limited theatrical release in the States, but I thought the action was overcooked […]


High Flying Bird

Five men on the court. Short range shots for two points. Outsider perimeter shots for three points. Fouls. Free throws. Five fouls per player maximum. Heck, basketball is an easy to follow sport. What High Flying Bird is aiming to do is to give us a scoop on NBA basketball without though giving us one piece of basketball action […]


Velvet Buzzsaw

The snob art world deserves a skewering – or perhaps another skewering because the 2017 Swedish award winner “The Square” already took such a deliciously wicked swipe at it – but Velvet Buzzsaw has only intermittent parts infused of timely satire, and its supernatural horror elements […]


Escape Room

Once in awhile you might have the taste for something mindless, something crude but clever, something fatalistic, maybe that’s all a little ride on the exploitation side – if that’s the case than the horror maze thriller Escape Room might give you that fix […]


Best Films 2018

When it comes to the list, I have no proclivity to win popular tastes. I have a few hits, a few misunderstood titles I want to defend, a few obscure titles and a few I am predicting will be discovered with cult devotion decades down the line […]


At Eternity’s Gate

Vincent Van Gogh was a perpetual penniless painter who had trouble promoting himself and needed the assist of his brother Theo and his colleague Paul Gauguin to help get himself recognized. Van Gogh also never felt secure in this world, had a number of crazy schizophrenic episodes, and had eye glaucoma that he hardly complained about but didn’t make things easy. At Eternity’s Gate, in other words, is not a hero […]