Recent Reviews


Dark Waters

The film had ended and I knew it wasn’t any ordinary selfish corporate entity poisoning water muckraker. I had been riled up and entertained by “Erin Brockovich” and enlightened by the underrated “A Civil Action” in the past. But as I toddled out of the theater exit doors, I stumbled onto a bench and looked […]


Marriage Story

Marriage Story opens with quite a special montage of all the thriving, joyful times they have as a married couple. Writer-director Noah Baumbach eventually slows it all down with longer lived-in scenes […]


Queen & Slim

If you’ve needed reinforcement that there is a racist cop attacking innocent black person problem in this country, the tautly written opening of Queen & Slim lays it down frighteningly in spades […]


Knives Out

Christopher Plummer as the accomplished multi-millionaire Harlan Thrombey who has a sudden demise [….]


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Substandard biopic on a subject I care a ton about. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood was a film I eagerly anticipated for half a year, and while it has kind-hearted moments […]


The Irishman

Martin Scorsese gets everything lucidly right that DeVito got wrong with his latest three and a half hour epic The Irishman. Hoffa doesn’t show up until the second hour, but when he does, Al Pacino gets […]


Ford v Ferrari

The 1960’s Ford team can’t buy Enzo Ferrari’s auto enterprise? Then to show them up they got to build some hot rods that can go beyond 200 mph. James Mangold’s latest bygone era docudrama Ford v Ferrari is a crowd-pleaser with a difference […]


Pain and Glory

They say write what you know. But if there’s one story I do not need from a storyteller it’s another indulgent confessional of a pained film director’s life as he searches for his creative bug again […]



Director Bong Joon Ho has made a diverse set of films from the true police procedural saga “Memories of Murder” to the sci-fi premise of people smooshed in on a futuristic train after the world freezes over in “Snowpiercer,” and in-between his most subtle and compelling “Mother” about an elder […]


The Lighthouse

Move over, all Oscar-winning black & white crapola from the twenty-first century. “The Lighthouse” has an eye-popping starkness of its New England milieu; it’s wet, cloudy, damp, musky […]


House (1977)

Social critic James Baldwin once said, that even when you had a soft spot for a movie’s message, all movies when it comes down to it are a narcotic to numb out the true reality […]


Angst (1983)

Angst, which disarms and unnerves us right away, is the everlasting controversial Austrian film about a killer released from prison who goes on a murder spree the same day he’s out […]