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Mad Max: Fury Road

Heart-stopping and weird. Mad Max: Fury Road rockets past exposition and hurls us into the most extreme of wasteland futures where men kill for gasoline. Insane killing and maiming […]


Avengers: Age of Ultron

All the mechanical elements are there in service of a tentpole blockbuster, but what’s missing is comedy and camaraderie. Avengers: Age of Ultron opens well […]


Ex Machina

Brainy masterpiece sci-fi. Ex Machina outclasses some of the most notable fictions and films about artificial intelligence, and even general science fiction […]


Ten Netflix Films in April 2015

Titles I happened to check out on Netflix in the month of April 2015 listed from best to worst […]


True Story

The kind of true crime docudrama that came often in 1990’s cinema. True Story is a riveting and decently acted one based on a bizarre murder case where the accused was caught in Mexico after fleeing […]


Furious 7

Outlandishly over-the-top action has the best cinematography of the series, and it’s fun. At the start, Furious 7 dabbles in bikini-clad babes like the early installments and bumps around between subplots […]


While We’re Young

Oddly intellectual comedy with SoHo New York vibes. While We’re Young is a mild name for a movie but a big entry for Noah Baumbach whose […]


White God

Bright idea that goes to waste. White God (Hungarian, in English subtitles) is about how 13-year old Lili (Zsofia Psotta) loses her beloved dog […]



Robot science-fiction that dovetails into the typical action cliché scrapyard. Chappie borrows ideas from the “Robocop” pictures and “A.I.” and then […]


Maps to the Stars

A Hollywood satire so angry and arrogant it’s peculiar. The new David Cronenberg film Maps to the Stars encompasses a Hollywood megalomaniac, a psychologist guru, a washed-up actress, an overpaid child star […]



Has a few moments that amused me, but there wasn’t a full scene that I fully admired. Kingsman features a league of dapper British spies concocted from a whacked out comic book that only fanboys would be familiar with […]


Academy Award Predictions 2015 (and aftermath)

A friend asked me for my Oscar predictions this year. The following is what I told him […]