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Overlooked Films Since 2010

Part of the role of the critic is underlining special films that undeservedly were swept under the rug. Actually, in tens years of writing about film, this is really my most crucial function […]


Jason Bourne

At first I superficially liked it, until I actually had real reasons to like it. Jason Bourne, while to a skeptic may be a gratuitous sequel, is reason to be excited to go the movies again […]


The Nice Guys

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling on each his own haven’t done too many comedies, but this ball-busting detective story set in disco era 1977 might become a fan favorite that will gather a cult following over time. The Nice Guys has a line-up featuring lots of sleazebags […]


The Lobster

Quite terrific. Not a masterpiece because it has a few nagging loose pieces, but it is so original in content and tone that it elevates above even the more gutsy art house entries. The Lobster is the kind of a film that will not only be remembered […]



The kind of unusual avante-garde dare I live for, I only wish I liked it. High-Rise is class warfare gone violently berserk in a tower apartment building, set in 1975 London to match […]


Captain America: Civil War

Mixed feelings, but I was entertained at least part of the way. Captain America: Civil War has something that was missing from at least the last few Marvel comic book movie entries: Enough interesting […]


Eve’s Bayou (1997)

Here is one that plays even better today, a rare African-American family ensemble drama set in the Southern Gothic 1960’s. Eve’s Bayou (1997) plunges into the Louisiana backwaters so vividly that immediately […]


The Jungle Book

Family audiences have gone in droves, but I only found it to be a slight diversion. The Jungle Book has a decent young actor in Neel Sethi as Mowgli the man-cub, the boy who has grown up […]


Louder Than Bombs

This American character study and meditation on a family’s grief is by a skilled and thoughtful Norwegian filmmaker, but it doesn’t work. Louder Than Bombs opens on false notes […]


Twenty-five Netflix Films for Spring 2016

It took a lot of video rentals, but I’ve finally caught up with some of the most essential titles of 2015. With family obligations, i.e., parenting two kids, I was taken away from covering […]


Batman v Superman

Smorgasbord of comic book elements, done with rapid-fire cutting, in search of a story. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is another one of those mass consumer blockbusters made of go-nowhere […]


Everybody Wants Some!!

Captures the feel of the college jock scene better than anyone else has, but when it comes down to it, I just don’t love these guys. Everybody Wants Some!! is Richard Linklater’s self-described spiritual follow-up to his […]