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The film is called Waves, but Trey Edward Shults’ film is about the two different speeds a brother and sister share within an affluent African-American family […]


A Hidden Life

God Malick gives us all agony and no ecstacy in his pedagogic telling of a World War II conscientious objector whose family was persecuted because he refused to “Heil, Hitler” or pass out personal items to Nazi […]


Uncut Gems

I’m not even sure at what point did I realize that I did not like Sandler’s New York Diamond District jeweler Howard Ratner. I had realized the film was self-aware when his wife (Idina Menzel) called him annoying. Uncut Gems is not about a decent individual […]


Best Films of the Decade 2010-19

I rewatched what I could this year for consideration of the list. But sometimes it’s not just gut, but what is instant recall. What moves me or tickles me when I summon up thoughts over what was best these past ten years […]


Richard Jewell

Security guard Jewell, starring non-star Paul Walter Hauser as the portly and cherubic momma’s boy, had prevented potential dozens of deaths from a pipe bomb going off in their direction in Atlanta at the 1996 Olympics […]


Dark Waters

Perhaps I was waiting for another person who just saw Dark Waters to come by so we could strike up a conversation about it. I waited, but got cold. I went to my car, but I felt paralyzed […]


Marriage Story

Marriage Story opens with quite a special montage of all the thriving, joyful times they have as a married couple. Writer-director Noah Baumbach eventually slows it all down with longer lived-in scenes […]


Queen & Slim

If you’ve needed reinforcement that there is a racist cop attacking innocent black person problem in this country, the tautly written opening of Queen & Slim lays it down frighteningly in spades […]


Knives Out

Christopher Plummer as the accomplished multi-millionaire Harlan Thrombey who has a sudden demise [….]


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Substandard biopic on a subject I care a ton about. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood was a film I eagerly anticipated for half a year, and while it has kind-hearted moments […]


The Irishman

Martin Scorsese gets everything lucidly right that DeVito got wrong with his latest three and a half hour epic The Irishman. Hoffa doesn’t show up until the second hour, but when he does, Al Pacino gets […]


Ford v Ferrari

The 1960’s Ford team can’t buy Enzo Ferrari’s auto enterprise? Then to show them up they got to build some hot rods that can go beyond 200 mph. James Mangold’s latest bygone era docudrama Ford v Ferrari is a crowd-pleaser with a difference […]