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True Story

The kind of true crime docudrama that came often in 1990’s cinema. True Story is a riveting and decently acted one based on a bizarre murder case where the accused was caught in Mexico after fleeing […]


Furious 7

Outlandishly over-the-top action has the best cinematography of the series, and it’s fun. At the start, Furious 7 dabbles in bikini-clad babes like the early installments and bumps around between subplots […]


While We’re Young

Oddly intellectual comedy with SoHo New York vibes. While We’re Young is a mild name for a movie but a big entry for Noah Baumbach whose […]


White God

Bright idea that goes to waste. White God (Hungarian, in English subtitles) is about how 13-year old Lili (Zsofia Psotta) loses her beloved dog […]



Robot science-fiction that dovetails into the typical action cliché scrapyard. Chappie borrows ideas from the “Robocop” pictures and “A.I.” and then […]


Maps to the Stars

A Hollywood satire so angry and arrogant it’s peculiar. The new David Cronenberg film Maps to the Stars encompasses a Hollywood megalomaniac, a psychologist guru, a washed-up actress, an overpaid child star […]



Has a few moments that amused me, but there wasn’t a full scene that I fully admired. Kingsman features a league of dapper British spies concocted from a whacked out comic book that only fanboys would be familiar with […]


Academy Award Predictions 2015 (and aftermath)

A friend asked me for my Oscar predictions this year. The following is what I told him […]


Ten Netflix Films in February 2015

Titles I happened to check out on Netflix in the month of February 2015 listed from best to worst […]



About the march to Alabama’s capital Birmingham to crusade for the Voting Rights Act, but it’s really the first film drama to intimately put Martin Luther King up on the screen. Selma is an educational film […]


American Sniper

You may come out feeling some PTSD after seeing it. American Sniper is powerful like that in a good way, and it’s one of Clint Eastwood’s best ever directed pictures […]



It does not look like a major art film, but it is. Whiplash is a compact and confident piece, a character-concentrated portrait made with pure artistic fidelity. Classics like […]