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Best Films of 2016

A late compiled list, but completed as a statement that I truly do love these films from 2016. I no longer have the attitude though like I did in past years […]


Love and Death on Long Island (1998)

This is the John Hurt obscurity that became an essential must-see following the actors’ death. Love and Death on Long Island (1998) is a character study of a stuffy Brit longing for the unattainable […]



When it comes to the urban downtrodden of America I am now smarter and more enlightened. Moonlight is one of those rare movies that transports you to a place where the people are just above the poverty line […]


Get Out

One of the most brilliantly written horror films as there has ever been (only the final exchanges of dialogue, while passable, fall short of inspiration). Get Out regardless is easily a pop phenomenon […]


Nocturnal Animals DVD Review

What to make of Nocturnal Animals, a film that could be accused of being baffling if it also wasn’t so mesmerizing! A second look on DVD and Blu-Ray not only gets one to see the more lucid connections of the inner story […]


The Founder

Engrossing. Michael Keaton does arguably his career best work in The Founder as Ray Kroc, the man who turned McDonald’s into an empire. This is one of those rare biopics […]



M. Night Shyamalan (“The Sixth Sense,” “Unbreakable”) proves he can still be a skillful filmmaker with precision camerawork and editing, but his incomplete story needed work. With Split, I went from not being sure if I cared, to caring with certainty, to I guess […]


La La Land

Old-fashioned heaven meets the contemporary. La La Land is without a doubt a classic movie musical, one that enchants breezily, and yet it hits me personally in quite a number of special ways. First, I realized […]


The Band Wagon (1953)

“Singin’ in the Rain” is supposed to be my all-time favorite musical, and everybody else’s too, but after awhile I knew it by heart so well I was happy to stumble upon a new favorite. The Band Wagon (1953) a dozen viewings later is […]



A trifle or maybe just a tad more than that. The cream of the crop reviews for Paterson are so glowing, so ecstatic, so poetic – for a film about a bus driver who hides his gift of writing poetry to himself while his wife […]



The most troublesome of all Martin Scorsese’s films since there was time at the beginning I was ready to write it off as “unengaging” and “impervious,” but it pays off with revelation. It might have taken me several days to realize Silence has made me re-think […]


Patriots Day

I had forgotten about some of the details of the Boston Marathon bombing, and I hadn’t realized I needed a film to refresh my memory. For some of the time, Patriots Day only sporadically told me information that I never knew. Yet when Peter Berg’s film is at its most galvanizing […]