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30 June 2017| No Comments on The House     by Sean Chavel


As tasteless comedies go, I found some of it to be very, very, funny. Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler are in their who cares! mode of not going for anything that resembles art with The House, but as parents who open a casino in their neighborhood so they can pay their daughter’s tuition, they put their best game on to yelp, freak out, go into hysterias, and of course turn cold-blood Mafioso godfather when they start raking in the dough in what is a shameless laughfest.

The bawdy humor is expected, and the yukfest gross humor is also expected: they have to scare the wits out of a cheating gambler, but it results in unintentional maiming. Nasty, but this is one of those it’s-so-stupid-it’s-funny movies that gets away with it. I recommend “The House,” but be prepared to get retarded for a night.

89 Minutes. Rated R.


Film Cousins: “Rat Race” (2001); “Old School” (2003); “Get Hard” (2015); “Sisters” (2015).

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