‘Searching for Sugar Man’ to be featured on ’60 Minutes’


The documentary Searching for Sugar Man is one of the year’s five best films. Easily. It’s more than just one of the most inspirational movies ever made. It is one of the most incredible stories God – yes, our God – has ever himself given us. It is that profoundly a triumph. “Sugar Man” already came out on July 26th, but is getting another re-release on October 12th. This Sunday, October 7th, the film and its story of musician Sixto Rodriguez will be spotlighted on “60 Minutes” by CBS channel correspondent Bob Simon (it would have easily been a Mike Wallace story had he still been alive) at 7 p.m. Pacific Time.

This blog, you would think, must exist as a reminder to you to watch “60 Minutes” this Sunday. Yes and no. I really think you should see the film without knowing anything going in. The less you know the better, meaning skip the news magazine broadcast that will give too much away. My original review (click here) gives away little. However, if you’re on the fence when it comes to arriving at stunning revelations, then see “60 Minutes” this Sunday. If it piques increased interest, then that itself will drive you to see “Searching for Sugar Man” in theaters. Fine by me, I would be happy for you. It’s [not] quite accurate or directly relatable, but I’ve described jokingly, if earnestly, that “Sugar Man” is “The Shawshank Redemption” of documentaries.

Instead of sharing a preview clip of “60 Minutes” like the studio would like me to do, I’m going to do one better and share a link of Rodriguez’ legendary 1969 tune: click here.


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