Official ‘Cosmopolis’ Trailer Debut


25 July 2012| No Comments on Official ‘Cosmopolis’ Trailer Debut     by Sean Chavel


David Cronenberg has been on a non-stop great roll since 1996’s “Crash,” and hasn’t made a bad film since 1993’s “M. Butterfly.” At least I think so, I’d have to expect disagreement out there somewhere. His films are understandably polarizing, i.e., mind-splintering, emotionally draining – they might be too demanding for some. His latest film Cosmopolis immediately met with bad buzz from Cannes from director devotees who were disappointed with his work, finding it tedious or suffocating. Since the arrival of the trailer, positive buzz is building back its intrigue. Robert Pattinson is the question mark, but Cronenberg already cast the young “Twilight” heartthrob in his next movie, so he must have faith in him somehow.

Any Cronenberg fans out there? What are your thoughts on Cronenberg’s last 15 years? Thoughts on the trailer?

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Sean Chavel

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