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13 September 2012| No Comments on Finding Nemo 3D     by Sean Chavel


One of those delights for any age or admirers of oceanic wit. Finding Nemo 3D (2003) is back in theaters with the brightness, sharpness and color hues turned up high. The 3D glasses ahem effects are unnecessary, but it looks great no matter how you look at it. Giggle away, as the neurotic papa clown fish named Marlin (Albert Brooks) is still funny and determined to find son Nemo, who gets thrown in a dentist office fish tank off the shores of Australia. Repetitive humor usually doesn’t self-consciously work, but Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) the forgetful fish has throwaway lines that are priceless.

Certainly this is one of Pixar’s instant classics from the vault. Zippy dialogue and inventive situations are up to the brim. Events plunge you in the deep abyss (the Marianas Trench), submerged ships, coves, jellyfish pools, and of course run-ins with fishing boats. More delights: Geoffrey Rush as a mitigating pelican and Willem Dafoe as the boss aquarium fish who pushes Nemo’s limits. And I had nearly forgotten about the sea turtles, a whale with digestive issues, and the shark who seems to be struggling from overeaters anonymous.

The core vocal talent sparkles, so unexpectedly. Brooks and DeGeneres wouldn’t have seemed like ideal cast mates for a major animated release, but it must have been a stroke of genius to acquire them – they carry on like Woody and Diane Keaton from the ’70s. In realms of sophistication, this is nearly up there with “Ratatouille” for Pixar films that possibly appeal more to adults than to kids. From age 3 to 83, it works for everyone.

101 Minutes. Rated G.


Film Cousins: “Dumbo” (1941); “Toy Story” (1995); “Madagascar” (2005); “Ratatouille” (2006).


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