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18 May 2018| No Comments on Deadpool 2     by Sean Chavel



I’m still shocked – yet not really, more like disappointed – that our culture is not burned out with superhero movie fatigue. I sure am. Despite having been overfed with superhero junk, I was taken for a loop when I fell for the offbeat R-rated Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool two years ago. Now we’re back, and while Deadpool 2 is not as fresh, we still get the same foul-mouthed, sardonic, devil may care, sin transgressing, R-rated verging on NC-17 superhero (gulp: antihero) this time around. There’s a violent nastiness to it that got me chortling, in part awe, in part disbelief it’s topping “Kill Bill” ultraviolence. But overall, I certainly don’t care as much for the action scenes as I did for the cutting loose verbal fireworks.

The villain this time is, brought to you from the future, is Cable (Josh Brolin). He doesn’t talk much at first and has electromagnetic energy, and the resources to travel back in time. He’s a lousy villain, I thought. Wade Wilson ends up in prison babysitting an angry teenager who has already been through the ringer having been experimented on. There’s a boring prison fight that is a carbon copy of other superhero movie fights and prison movie fights in general. My heart sank.

I was relieved that the movie picks up again quickly. Deadpool, on the outside again, having gone through a fallout with the X-Men, decides to assemble his own X-Force of offbeat superheroes. I thought, oh no, it’s gonna get plot heavy now with too much exposition to go through. But what results is the most side-splitting hilarity I’ve had so far at the movies in 2018, when these would-be superhero misfits having trouble making it to their first mission. For a few minutes thereafter, not only is the action cool, but I knew immediately that I am looking forward to see again Lady Luck, real name Domino (Zazie Beetz) back in another installment.

Deadpool is awfully heartbroken for his loss of his main squeeze Vanessa (Morena Baccarin, sexy tough babe) in this sequel, but it’s hard sometimes waiting for everything to go through a three act structure to clean things up. To complicate matters, an angry teenage boy with unwanted powers needs to be tamed. To win a brownie point with me, Cable actually gets more interesting by the final act. I don’t need a brilliant story here, but next time I hope there’s a good enough one to match the toxic wit of Deadpool. As is, I liked enough of its scattered bits of profane comic burlesque.

118 Minutes. Rated R.


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