‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Trailer Premiere


17 October 2012| No Comments on ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Trailer Premiere     by Sean Chavel


Kathryn Bigelow flexes her cred and set her sights very high following her 2009 Oscar win. The manhunt on Middle Eastern soil of Osama Bin Laden is the subject of Zero Dark Thirty opening for Academy Award consideration in December. Because it has a “thriller” design to capture a figure of evil, it might actually have more commercial appeal than Bigelow’s award-winning “The Hurt Locker” (peaked at $17 million domestic ticket sales). I predict Oscar nominations for this, for directing and writing. Mark Boal (“In the Valley of Elah,” “Hurt Locker”), a man who has spent time as an abroad Iraq journalist, wrote the screenplay for this as well. Joel Edgerton, Mark Strong and Jessica Chastain star as the key Navy SEAL team who spearheaded the capture of Bin Laden. HD Trailer courtesy of thefilmstage.com.

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