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13 March 2012| No Comments on The Lorax     by Sean Chavel


This animated splendor is wonderfully in the tradition of Dr. Seuss, and it contains 3D that actually works! The Lorax is a rambunctious fable of a society living in a city of plastic, not a tree in sight. Supposedly all the lollipop trees (in this alternate dimension) were cut down in order to make hats and scarves, and now oxygen is in such short supply that an industry prospers by selling it. Zac Efron voices an inquisitive teen who attempts to impress a girl (Taylor Swift) by getting her a tree that’s not made of plastic. He has to venture outside of his domed city to the outdoor natural world (the desolate landscape is eerily like “Logan’s Run” or “The Matrix”) to find the one man that might be able to tell him where the trees are, he’s the Once-ler (Ed Helms), hence, a long flashback story. The Lorax (Danny DeVito), the guardian of nature, is a legendary furry creature who in flashback fought in opposition to the bulldozing industry

Embedded in Dr. Seuss’ story is a message of how blind consumerism can wreck the environment – observe the industrial factory wiping out trees to create a passing fad product. That’s reasonable agitprop for the audience’s youngsters to chew on that food for thought. But the simple truth is that the movie is frequently a madcap joy with a wide variant of bright colors. It’s very much the Wonderland that Tim Burton forgot to create when he made “Alice in Wonderland” (2009).

“The Lorax” is also a musical delight with scenes of the town population singing in chorus. Without a doubt, Dr. Seuss’ 1971 book has been met with some contemporary updates, but the filmmakers imbue this practically and not crudely. If there’s just a little lull for adult sensibilities, it’s that the Once-ler’s flashback storytelling gets a little thick. Still, that gives one enough pause to dig into your refreshment munchies.

94 Minutes. Rated PG.


Film Cousins: “The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T” (1953); “Horton Hears a Who” (2008); “City of Ember” (2008); “Wall-E” (2008).


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