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14 June 2012| No Comments on That’s My Boy     by Sean Chavel


Andy Samberg outclasses everyone else in the movie, that’s how bad it is. That’s My Boy is an Adam Sandler production at its most degenerate. You grow stupid watching it. Actions and behavior are so outlandishly outside the contemporary norm that it, like an altered states experience, you stagger out uncertain as to ways of common courtesy and civility. Yet the roughest thing about getting through it is that it features Sandler’s most moronic voice. Sandler’s voice is a high calorie bouillabaisse of “Happy Gilmore,” “Little Nicky” and “The Waterboy” poured into one.

All Todd (Samberg, of “SNL” and “Hot Rod”) asks for out of life is not to be reacquainted with his estranged father Donny Berger (Sandler). The old man crashes in just days before his wedding. Let’s step back: Donny was once a 14-year who impregnated his math teacher. Can you believe that Ms. McGarricle is portrayed by both Eva Amurri Martino and Susan Sarandon? If you look into this casting lineage you see that the apple doesn’t fall far from… wait, I’m stupider already. How does that phrase end again?

An overabundance of F-bombs and dick jokes funnel throughout every set-up, every joke. I was able to predict such things that when Donny arrived he would against all odds be embraced by the wedding party, much to the chagrin of Todd. I was also able to predict that the final scene of the movie would take place at a strip club (once you know where a movie is going, you just know). I predicted one thing incorrectly: Bride-to-be Jamie (Leighton Meester) is riding herself atop a dildo, I thought, but the shock turns out to be much schlockier than that. Oh no, I shall not spoil the surprise.

Samberg is kind of bashful and bright, but wimpy, doing the button-down J Crew look as hedge fund manager Todd, the kid with huge expectations. Pre-marital festivities turn upside-down, naturally! Never does Todd ask his dad the right question: Why are you bothering me now of all times?” Donny Berger needs $43,000 right away to dish to the IRS, or he will face prison time. But he’s too aimless – spanking the monkey, crushing beer, and hanging with Vanilla Ice – this occupies endless time. This R-rated bacchanal has the modus operandi of Anything Goes. It is at the poor 12-year old boy stroking himself for the first time mentality.

The only way “That’s My Boy” could have been more tasteless would be an early 2000’s attempt by Tom Green with this material, or Pauly Shore in the mid-90’s. At least bottom of the barrel Adam Sandler is not the absolute bottom of the barrel. He merely makes movies that suck.

116 Minutes. Rated R.


Film Cousins: “Happy Gilmore” (1996); “The Waterboy” (1998); “Big Daddy” (1999); “Little Nicky” (2000).

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