Yuan Dynasty 5th Century


26 July 2012| Comments Off on Sacrifice     by Sean Chavel


It might have made sense to use some title cards to help us out with a prologue and exposition. Sacrifice (in Chinese dialogue with English subtitles) is somewhere caught between an art film and a John Woo swords-action epic. First fault, we get no map nor establishing shot to show us where we are in China except that we are in the 5th century Yuan Dynasty. We don’t identify with anybody (we’re unsure whom the main characters are for the beginning 20 minutes). Then the movie settles into an interesting, heart-ravaged revenge story.

The artful photography holds our interest. Babies are slaughtered left and right, and the Zhao clan is exterminated. Cheng Ying (Ge You), the village doctor, switches his own baby for sacrifice with the

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Sean Chavel

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