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Cafe Society

Woody Allen’s latest is a fancy production resurrecting Old Hollywood, but my emotions for the characters and their journeys left me flaccid. I suppose the most die-hard Woody Allen fan will want to check out Café Society anyway […]


Captain Fantastic

Middle of the road anti-conformist parable. Captain Fantastic is not the quirky Wes Anderson derivative I was expecting, it’s more rugged. In it, Viggo Mortensen has decidedly raised his children in the woods outside of mainframe society […]



Technically well-directed, but it is easy to befuddle as to why Steven Spielberg thought this would be interesting or fun – for any age group. Source material for The BFG is the […]


The Shallows

A surfer girl tries to out-maneuver a shark for long hours on end. A movie like this lives or dies on the cinematography, the texture and the suspense pacing. The Shallows is not going to have us dethrone “Jaws” […]


De Palma

“Holy Mackerel!” That’s the enthusiastic pet phrase of the master stylist Brian De Palma as he talks about his life and career in the new career-capping documentary. De Palma is the legendary director talking directly and candidly to the camera for a little under […]


The Legend of Tarzan

When CGI is really tacky and gratuitous, it can turn any action-adventure into a snore. The Legend of Tarzan is not one of those movies where one wants too much computer generated imagery […]


Alice Through the Looking Glass

One of the most terrible cases of headache-inducing CGI excess of our time. Alice Through the Looking Glass has the presumption that if you put a heroine through a wormhole, and color that wormhole […]


The Nice Guys

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling on each his own haven’t done too many comedies, but this ball-busting detective story set in disco era 1977 might become a fan favorite that will gather a cult following over time. The Nice Guys has a line-up featuring lots of sleazebags […]


The Lobster

Quite terrific. Not a masterpiece because it has a few nagging loose pieces, but it is so original in content and tone that it elevates above even the more gutsy art house entries. The Lobster is the kind of a film that will not only be remembered […]


Money Monster

I could tell immediately how it could have been a better movie, I mean, immediately. Money Monster is a hostage crisis movie […]



The kind of unusual avante-garde dare I live for, I only wish I liked it. High-Rise is class warfare gone violently berserk in a tower apartment building, set in 1975 London to match […]


Captain America: Civil War

Mixed feelings, but I was entertained at least part of the way. Captain America: Civil War has something that was missing from at least the last few Marvel comic book movie entries: Enough interesting […]