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Deadpool 2

I’m still shocked – yet not really, more like disappointed – that our culture is not burned out with superhero movie fatigue. I sure am. Despite having been overfed with superhero junk, I was taken for a loop when I fell for the offbeat R-rated Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool two years ago. Now we’re back, and while Deadpool 2 is not as fresh, we still get the same foul-mouthed […]


Revenge (France)

The grisly, highly brutal and blood-gushing French film Revenge gets off to a compelling start before losing its way. An unscrupulous and just plain mean boyfriend (Kevin Janssens) flies in on a helicopter to the desert with his sexpot girlfriend Jen (Matilda Lutz). The boyfriend’s name is Richard and he’s married, but he’s there to go hunting with his buddies and […]



We are more watered down and PC-minded now than we were thirty years ago. Being all morally abundant and righteous and message-heavy does not make our movie comedies better. The makers of Overboard probably really wanted to do a remake of the 1987 Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell yukfest, but the way the movie carries itself […]



Empathetic movie therapy for any parent, and especially a parent who had first-hand experience with the juggling act of raising an infant alongside their pre-teens. Tully is also a showcase for actress Charlize Theron, who can plays exhaustion and sleep deprivation with crushing truth […]


I Feel Pretty

There is never a problem with Amy Schumer not being able to be funny, but there is too often a problem with the movie itself being shapeless and rambling. Schumer is a New York City gal who is instantly out of place at a spin class at the start of I Feel Pretty, and it has all those awkward moments of a Plain Jane sticking out in a room full of […]


Borg vs. McEnroe

Tennis is a sport that I love, and I’ll gladly sit through any classic tennis match that’s decades old. But this docudrama too often does not do a good job. Borg vs McEnroe is about the 1980 Wimbledon Final between two opposite players, opposite in form and technique and opposite in personality […]


The Rider

Stunning in an inward way. The Rider has harsh and downhearted elements in its character study of a young South Dakota man who gets gashed in the head by his horse during one of his rodeo shows, must go on with a metal plate in his head, then refuses […]


You Were Never Really Here

In many ways, it’s an innovative work that you wish would not be that maddeningly opaque with you. You Were Never Really Here features Joaquin Phoenix in an outstanding performance as a very dangerous […]



I went in hoping that it would amount to some minor footnote that might dabble with an interesting point or two, but knew a quarter through that Chappaquiddick is the kind of essential film that is much better than expectations and that gets underrated […]


Lean on Pete

A teenager with toughness and resilience carries a story that’s analog to the type of movies we got in the 1970’s. Lean on Pete follows near impoverished 15-year old Charlie (Charlie Plummer) who meets a horse race owner (Steve Buscemi) who lets […]


A Quiet Place

I counted some clichés, but the suspense is so effective that I easily suspended disbelief. Invincible monsters that now rule the Earth have wiped out most of civilization (how much extinction is hard to say) in A Quiet Place. The key survivors are […]


Ready Player One

Third-tier Steven Spielberg, yet third-tier by him are better than most of his contemporaries best efforts. Ready Player One is one respect is about video games fandom which is not something I’m interested in. Except in the year 2045, the real world is so filthy […]