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Something of a homework assignment, but there’s a lot to admire and a lot worth storing into your memory banks once it’s done. Fences has a lot of blustery, long-winded dialogue that manages not to sound […]


Patriots Day

I had forgotten about some of the details of the Boston Marathon bombing, and I hadn’t realized I needed a film to refresh my memory. Other times, Patriots Day only sporadically told me information that I never knew […]


Hidden Figures

Glowing biopic about the black mathematical geniuses who worked at NASA in the late 1950’s and 1960’s at a discount pay grade. And they weren’t just black, they were – gasp! – women! Hidden Figures has a terrific screenplay […]



It was almost worth watching until it was not. Passengers is the future-set outer space picture where the hunky lunkhead Chris Pratt comes out of hibernation ninety years early before the spacecraft occupied […]


Rogue One

Choppily edited throughout that I wonder how I’m supposed to enjoy it? Any of it? Get my drift? Rogue One is just like any other “Star Wars” movie except it having no rhythm in scene transitions […]



A number of strong ideas carry the film. Yet Jackie might have enduring power in our minds because of Natalie Portman, who does something fascinating with her portrayal of Jacqueline Onassis. She suggests […]



Misguided, to the point I’m bummed out that this couldn’t have been told better. It’s hard to deny though that Lion has a story I like and has a visually remarkable first half that plunges us into the social entropy and chaos of India. Based on true events […]



I tried to convince myself for awhile that I saw a good movie, but I just couldn’t do it. Allied is a World War II film not based on any specific true story […]


Rules Don’t Apply

I was hoping other reviews were too harsh on it, for I so badly wanted to love a film the establishment doesn’t understand. But the truth is it only works in fits and starts. Rules Don’t Apply turns out to be the Warren Beatty vanity project […]


Manchester by the Sea

Do we really need an extreme downer about a man who cannot lift himself up? The tough sell Manchester by the Sea is the exact film of devastation and grief that most […]


Elle (France)

Taboo subject cinema that isn’t that revolting, but I just happen to think it’s bonkers. Elle (France, in English subtitles) is a steely, career-driven woman who gets […]



A superbly orchestrated close encounter movie that’s once elegant, beguiling, and a work of imagination. Arrival easily boasts the best cinematography of the year […]