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I went in hoping that it would amount to some minor footnote that might dabble with an interesting point or two, but knew a quarter through that Chappaquiddick is the kind of essential film that is much better than expectations and that gets underrated […]


Lean on Pete

A teenager with toughness and resilience carries a story that’s analog to the type of movies we got in the 1970’s. Lean on Pete follows near impoverished 15-year old Charlie (Charlie Plummer) who meets a horse race owner (Steve Buscemi) who lets […]


A Quiet Place

I counted some clichés, but the suspense is so effective that I easily suspended disbelief. Invincible monsters that now rule the Earth have wiped out most of civilization (how much extinction is hard to say) in A Quiet Place. The key survivors are […]


Ready Player One

Third-tier Steven Spielberg, yet third-tier by him are better than most of his contemporaries best efforts. Ready Player One is one respect is about video games fandom which is not something I’m interested in. Except in the year 2045, the real world is so filthy […]



Is she crazy or is she not? type thriller. Claire Foy is a largely unknown actress who remarkably carries this film Unsane, a thriller that is knowing B-movie material. However, it’s elevated by newness in the details and by realistic staging […]


Tomb Raider

Why didn’t somebody tell me sooner Tomb Raider is one of the better action movies of recent times? Alicia Vikander has impressed me in “Ex Machina” and “The Light Between the Oceans,” but I also had been gathering an opinion […]


Red Sparrow

If you’re like me and you thought “Salt” with Angelina Jolie and [especially] “Atomic Blonde” with Charlize Theron were bulls*** than here we have something more true to life with a truly magnetic Jennifer Lawrence to boot. Red Sparrow is based on a novel by […]



So frightening it pains only to turn your eyes away. Annihilation is hard science fiction that is a crossbreed of horror, too, and it has enough ideas to fill a dozen movies. It does not hurl constant action movie type of Roland Emmerich moments at you because it’s strategy is to build anticipation and dread a la Kubrick and Cronenberg […]


Game Night

Lots of laughs, lots of creative visuals. Game Night wisely casts Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams together as married couple Max and Annie who have gone childless, perhaps because their weekly party games are not to be interrupted […]


Black Panther

All the hype led me to believe it was going to be a whole lot of different. No it’s not. Black Panther is just more of the Marvel Comic Book same. From the get-go, it’s so preoccupied being sensational at every single moment that it never gets grounded […]


Loveless (Russia)

I am ever so certain the winner of Best Foreign Film at the Oscars this year should have been the Russian film Loveless. I’m a liberal but liberals at large would have been outraged, I mean, how could we allow Russia to win anything […]


The 15:17 to Paris

A true split between first half hack storytelling and second half reverence and engrossing manly deeds. For Clint Eastwood, he makes one flawed film like The 15:17 to Paris and his detractors light a critical bonfire to disgrace him. One of the comments I least liked […]