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We shouldn’t need so much time warming to a movie, but this one does. Loving has the immediate components for an admirable motion picture, about the interracial couple Richard and Mildred Loving married in Virginia […]


Doctor Strange

The last ten years have proved that the world’s hugest market is for comic book movies, and contrasting only a small detractor group that despises them. Doctor Strange, in years to come, should be a recommended title […]


The Accountant

The Accountant was one that I hoped would be entertaining on a superficial level, but it takes its preposterous and incoherent story head on with a dour straight face. Ben Affleck plays an autistic savant great with cracking […]


The Birth of a Nation

Effective, sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes questionably shallow biopic of the black slave revolter Nat Turner in 1831 Virginia. That makes it a mixed item. Nate Parker has written and directed The Birth of a Nation in a straight-forward […]



One of the most effortlessly perfect films I’ve seen in a long time. Sully tells a rough landing story of how Captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger […]



Oliver Stone used to rock us out of our seats and blow our minds (“JFK,” “Nixon”), but I think that fire within him is past now. Snowden is a tempered, yet always compelling piece of storytelling by Stone […]


Southside With You

The pretty truthful telling of the first date between the young Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson. Parker Sawyers and Tika Sumpter give deft performances in Southside With You as law firm aides who will become the future President and First Lady […]


Overlooked Films Since 2010

Part of the role of the critic is underlining special films that undeservedly were swept under the rug. Actually, in tens years of writing about film, this is really my most crucial function […]


Hell or High Water

A “Fargo” type of movie set not under snowfall but in the dearth towns of West Texas. Hell or High Water has always been my kind of movie, the crime drama set in the backdrop of American backwaters […]



Feels its sole purpose of existing is that so it can contrive an updated chariot race for modern audiences. Ben-Hur is weaker in every production facet from the 1959 brawny “Ben-Hur” with Charlton Heston […]


Jason Bourne

At first I superficially liked it, until I actually had real reasons to like it. Jason Bourne, while to a skeptic may be a gratuitous sequel, is reason to be excited to go the movies again […]


Bad Moms

Wish fulfillment for underappreciated moms everywhere. Bad Moms is a smorgasbord of crude humor, most of the time teetering on the edge of going too far, but I found almost all scenes pointing towards recognizable […]