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The Post

This 1971 historical drama shines a light on today. Steven Spielberg’s The Post gains a suspenseful amount of traction by the time it gets halfway through. Richard Nixon, former disgraced President, tried to shut up the New York Times […]


All the Money in the World

This major 1973 kidnapping docudrama in Italy has definite memorable moments, namely relaying all the essential details of how tycoon John Paul Getty III responded to his grandson’s ransom by refusing to pay it all because he was cheap. “If I pay the ransom for one I’ll have thirteen more kidnapped grandchildren.” All the Money in the World does not spit out […]


Molly’s Game

It has been a great season for actresses, and the distinguishably smart biopic Molly’s Game in particular features Jessica Chastain at the top of her career. It’s a sexy, power-hungry performance about a woman deeply compelled to control rich men under her […]


Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

I can’t go on forcing excuses that it’s awesome when I feel it’s not, just so I can win a popularity contest with my readers. Star Wars Episode XIII: The Last Jedi kicks off with a virtuoso aerial dogfight with enough blast and whoosh […]


The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (2005)

Up until now, “The Tree of Life” and “Far From Heaven” have long been for me the two best films about 1950’s life. The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (2005), a completely overlooked gem with Julianne Moore as a stay at home mother who feeds her family of ten by winning contests […]


I, Tonya

The movie that we’ve been waiting for to show the full tilt range of Margot Robbie has finally come, and it’s the terrific docudrama I, Tonya about the life and scandal of ice skating pro Tonya Harding. We’ve always associated professional ice skaters as graceful swans of the ice […]


The Shape of Water

Drama, Romance, Dark Fantasy. The Shape of Water has earmarks for creativity, for sure. I think people make way too much of Guillermo del Toro’s directing talent however, who to me, creates an atmosphere here that is akin to a tomato splat factory coated in mildew. It’s slavish and over-the-top […]


The Disaster Artist

I was worried it would be too goofy and irreverent, but I was surprised by the depth of what was told. The Disaster Artist is an offbeat biopic on Tommy Wiseau, an infamous director […]


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Instantly grabbing. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri opens with a legitimately angry mother in Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) whose daughter was raped and murdered seven months earlier, renting out three billboards that will question the failure […]


The Pledge (2001)

Of the detective movies of solving the grisly crime of a young girl’s murder, there are few that are distinguishable in attempting to do more than the obvious. The Pledge (2001) was also one of the last times Jack Nicholson delivered a method performance […]


Call Me By Your Name

There’s an intriguing performance from the start. Armie Hammer has made me wonder since “The Social Network” if he really has any more chops in him, and I’ve seen hints of that in his last two or three movies, but in Call Me By Your Name, he is something of a Golden Boy […]


The Florida Project

Like “sex, lies & videotape,” “Pulp Fiction,” “In the Company of Men” or “Lost in Translation,” The Florida Project is a major touchstone in independent cinema, reminding us that indies can bring truth and realism in ways that Hollywood cannot […]