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The 15:17 to Paris

A true split between first half hack storytelling and second half reverence and engrossing manly deeds. For Clint Eastwood, he makes one flawed film like The 15:17 to Paris and his detractors light a critical bonfire to disgrace him. One of the comments I least liked […]


Den of Thieves

Den of Thieves is such a flagrant rip-off of the 1995 modern classic “Heat” that it leaves one to count off the good qualities and the bad. Recapturing the grainy neo-neon look […]


The Commuter

The first action-suspense pic for the new year is a diverting midlevel yarn, it’s no genre trendsetter (more derivative if anything), but it’s got Liam Neeson going for it and tasteful mindless fun going for it. The Commuter is Neeson’s umpteenth take since […]


Proud Mary

How stylish is the wannabe blaxploitation pic Proud Mary starring that firecracker of a talent Taraji P. Henson? It has those schlocky but jivey opening animated credits that turns its’ circa 1970’s Foxy Brown-like character into a wannabe […]


Paddington 2

Light-hearted and charming adventures with the benevolent British bear. Paddington 2 is always crisp and clean visually, and there’s a paper mache pop-up book sequence that is quite beautiful […]


Best Films of 2017

My compiled year-end round-ups come late, but that’s only because I want to fairly track down every essential title before I complete it. It’s the closest thing I have to composing a sacred writ […]


The Greatest Showman

Intermittently engages the brain while the majority of its time hitting us up with high-spirited, almost soap opera emotions. In this individual case, that’s a compliment maybe because it is inspirational and unapologetically corny. The Greatest Showman is a Hugh Jackman showcase […]


Phantom Thread

For forty-five minutes I believed I was seeing an incomparable masterpiece. But it wasn’t meant to be. Phantom Thread just isn’t a film that completely comes together logically, but damn if it also shows the kind of flair by director Paul Thomas Anderson […]



Of all the bad movies I’ve ever seen, at least this one has kernels of mesmerizing tidbits. Downsizing comes from exactly the kind of brain factory as I could have wanted. That of writer/director Alexander Payne […]


The Post

This 1971 historical drama shines a light on today. Steven Spielberg’s The Post gains a suspenseful amount of traction by the time it gets halfway through. Richard Nixon, former disgraced President, tried to shut up the New York Times […]


All the Money in the World

This major 1973 kidnapping docudrama in Italy has definite memorable moments, namely relaying all the essential details of how tycoon John Paul Getty III responded to his grandson’s ransom by refusing to pay it all because he was cheap. “If I pay the ransom for one I’ll have thirteen more kidnapped grandchildren.” All the Money in the World does not spit out […]


Molly’s Game

It has been a great season for actresses, and the distinguishably smart biopic Molly’s Game in particular features Jessica Chastain at the top of her career. It’s a sexy, power-hungry performance about a woman deeply compelled to control rich men under her […]