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War for the Planet of the Apes

A respectable end to the series if you wanted it to deliver just the expected, and yet I can’t help feel there should be much more. War for the Planet of the Apes has some allusions to atrocities of real war, with metaphors […]


A Ghost Story

I was a skeptic who didn’t think it was going to amount to anything, and then my patience paid off. Immediately artsy but undeniably beautiful, A Ghost Story uses many long shots to develop an aura […]


The House

As tasteless comedies go, I found some of it to be very, very, funny. Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler are in their who cares! mode of not going for anything that resembles art with The House, but as parents who open a casino in their neighborhood […]


Baby Driver

Vivacious, entertaining yarn that really gets you in the mood for larceny and fast sprees. Ansel Elgort is little more than a kid as Baby Driver, who is a getaway driver for a robbery syndicate […]


The Beguiled

Intriguing as it is troubling. The Beguiled is set at a girls’ school in 1864 Virginia where peace is interrupted by the arrival of a wounded yankee soldier. Its implied that these cloistered women […]


Beatriz at Dinner

Class inequality is such a commons topic, but now there’s a piece that drums up new troubling feelings. Beatriz at Dinner contains two of the year’s best performances in Salma Hayek and John Lithgow […]


It Comes At Night

A cabin in the woods spook show that’s eerie, tense and minimalist – but as well-crafted as it is, it’s just too minimalist. It Comes At Night has foreboding elements that everything beyond the woods, everything in the rest of the world is sick and not right. Joel Edgerton plays an over-protective […]


Wonder Woman

A magnificent first hour, some fair parts after, before it goes into creative suicide. Wonder Woman has one element that will make it last however and that is the striking star power of Gal Gadot. They say Hollywood doesn’t take risks […]


Alien: Covenant

No movie has taken more time to suck in as a major disappoint than this. Alien: Covenant was coming off the heels of “Prometheus,” and seethed potential, and yet despite all its visual flair it is nothing but a shaggy dog story […]



This farcical comedy has been permeated with foul-mouthed humor, not that some of its debased humor doesn’t work. Snatched is a starring vehicle for Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, basically exploiting on Schumer’s trademark bad trainwreck girl while also exploiting on the Hawn’s cheesy farces […]


The Lovers

Tracy Letts (the playwright turned actor) and Debra Winger (the scarcely performing uber actress) play a flatlined married couple who have to get tired of their extramarital lovers before they connect again with each other. The Lovers is a wry and dry comedy […]


The Dinner

We live in a time where I should be grateful for any sophisticated adult-themed film to come my way, and yet, the worst that could happen, I have stumbled upon a horrid pseudo-intellectual work. The Dinner is a rare case […]