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Spike Lee is spurred to make an important but little known historical movie about 1970’s police infiltration of the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado Springs and tying it to the actions and behaviors of the fateful Charlottesville, Virginia riots of August 2017. You can feel Lee’s year-long passion and drive to getting BlacKkKlansman made […]



To be most honest with you, there’s a certain kind of drama I’ve just had enough of and it’s the young man in the ghetto movie aspiring to find the social stability that has alluded him. It certainly helps that Daveed Diggs is playing that guy in Blindspotting, and despite my resistance […]


Mission: Impossible — Fallout

The idea of the Big Summer Blockbuster exists so that once in awhile we will see one that blows all the other competition out of the water. Mission: Impossible – Fallout continues the uptick trend in the series to become more sophisticated in its plotting. But in resemblance to a powerful drumbeat […]


The Ballad of Narayama (1983, Japan)

A despairing masterpiece, but with a keenness for sociology one watches with morbid fascination. The Ballad of Narayama (1983, Japan) appears to be a roughhewn but tranquil depiction of nineteenth century life in the mountains of Japan where families adhere to duties to keep the community functioning […]


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Harmless. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again puts together scrap pieces for a story, but what family audiences and summer lovers are really here for is the music and the dance choreography. If you love the cast, let it be shamelessly known the movie is a happy reunion […]


Eighth Grade

Within moments I was certain the film was observant and perceptive of what it is like to be a middle school wallflower, a type of friendless teen using social media apps as a surrogate for actual life. But my question was, is Eighth Grade going to be able to consistently say something vital […]


Best Films of 2017 Revised

I won’t remind you what inexplicably won Best Picture at the Oscars. There were 25 excellent to very good films in 2017, and so that means 25 films did not win the top prize. Whatever. Seven months into July I felt compelled to revise my year’s ten best list […]



The 1980’s was a very happy time in history when you filter in all the pop culture iconography, the fashion fads, and the fun and empowerment of pop music. Whitney Houston lent powerfully to the good times […]


Sorry To Bother You

If you’re looking for an offbeat surrealist comedy, then Sorry to Bother You is one you have to see this year. You don’t get to see experimental indies too often anymore that are both outrageous yet coherent, and where writer/director Boots Riley scores satirical points is on issues of […]


Leave No Trace

It is an interesting film at least from the outset, and it has some compelling shots, but I was left feeling why do I need this? The father character Will (Ben Foster) deliberately has an impenetrable mind in Leave No Trace. He raises his daughter Tom (Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie) in the woods […]


Scarecrow (1973)

We have seen all types of Al Pacino performances that suggest the breadth of his range. I hadn’t seen Scarecrow (1973) since I was 12-years old, but returning to it, I seemed to have gotten the final piece of the puzzle that truly defines the wizardry acting of Pacino […]


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Emotionally enveloping. We live in a time when it’s mission impossible to find a human being as much a genuine article as Fred Rogers, and that feeling is even more reconfirmed while watching the documentary of his life Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Nearly six decades are deftly covered […]