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Overlooked Films Since 2010

Part of the role of the critic is underlining special films that undeservedly were swept under the rug. Actually, in tens years of writing about film, this is really my most crucial function […]


Hell or High Water

A “Fargo” type of movie set not under snowfall but in the dearth towns of West Texas. Hell or High Water has always been my kind of movie, the crime drama set in the backdrop of American backwaters […]



Feels its sole purpose of existing is that so it can contrive an updated chariot race for modern audiences. Ben-Hur is weaker in every production facet from the 1959 brawny “Ben-Hur” with Charlton Heston […]


Jason Bourne

At first I superficially liked it, until I actually had real reasons to like it. Jason Bourne, while to a skeptic may be a gratuitous sequel, is reason to be excited to go the movies again […]


Bad Moms

Wish fulfillment for underappreciated moms everywhere. Bad Moms is a smorgasbord of crude humor, most of the time teetering on the edge of going too far, but I found almost all scenes pointing towards recognizable […]


Cafe Society

Woody Allen’s latest is a fancy production resurrecting Old Hollywood, but my emotions for the characters and their journeys left me flaccid. I suppose the most die-hard Woody Allen fan will want to check out Café Society anyway […]


Captain Fantastic

Middle of the road anti-conformist parable. Captain Fantastic is not the quirky Wes Anderson derivative I was expecting, it’s more rugged. In it, Viggo Mortensen has decidedly raised his children in the woods outside of mainframe society […]



Technically well-directed, but it is easy to befuddle as to why Steven Spielberg thought this would be interesting or fun – for any age group. Source material for The BFG is the […]


The Shallows

A surfer girl tries to out-maneuver a shark for long hours on end. A movie like this lives or dies on the cinematography, the texture and the suspense pacing. The Shallows is not going to have us dethrone “Jaws” […]


Alice Through the Looking Glass

One of the most terrible cases of headache-inducing CGI excess of our time. Alice Through the Looking Glass has the presumption that if you put a heroine through a wormhole, and color that wormhole […]


The Nice Guys

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling on each his own haven’t done too many comedies, but this ball-busting detective story set in disco era 1977 might become a fan favorite that will gather a cult following over time. The Nice Guys has a line-up featuring lots of sleazebags […]


The Lobster

Quite terrific. Not a masterpiece because it has a few nagging loose pieces, but it is so original in content and tone that it elevates above even the more gutsy art house entries. The Lobster is the kind of a film that will not only be remembered […]