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The Lost City of Z

It’s long, but quite impressive as far as languorous adventures in the wild go. With lofty food for thought to go along with its visceral appeal, The Lost City of Z is an Amazonian jungle odyssey made in the respected tradition […]



I quite liked this sort-of monster movie and alcoholism comedy-drama. Colossal is not for audiences who are asking for mindless monster destruction, although there’s a lot of darkly funny accidental destruction […]


Going in Style

It’s always a shock when a critic encounters a movie he thinks he was going to dismiss and then ends up entertaining him. Sure, any critic is supposed to go in with an open mind. Going in Style though could still be written off […]


Ghost in the Shell

If you are looking for an example as to how American movies can contribute to the dumbing down of culture or dumbing down of movies in general made and sold for international audiences, Ghost in the Shell is not the ultimate example, but it surely is […]



Jack Nicholson, Larry David and Ben Stiller have had a heck of a good time playing middle-aged curmudgeons with a problem against anything modern, and the type of part happens to fit quite well on Woody Harrelson, too. Harrelson is in nerdy plaids and dons horn-rimmed glasses as Wilson […]


Best Films of 2016

A late compiled list, but completed as a statement that I truly do love these films from 2016. I no longer have the attitude though like I did in past years […]


Song to Song

I’d like to say Terrence Malick is a man with too many great ideas, but again this time, he’s a man with too many ideas. Song to Song has three intersecting love triangles set against the Austin, Texas music scene, but for the viewer it is an exercise […]


Beauty and the Beast

It’s inviting me to feel the nostalgia for the 1991 animated classic, but am I supposed to enjoy this live action update just because I like nostalgia? Beauty and the Beast was already done so affectingly, hitting the beats with aplomb and supplying a vision with pristine perfection when it was animated […]


Kong: Skull Island

Way better than expected action smash up and creature feature romp. Kong: Skull Island is a totally rollicking entry set after the final days of the Vietnam War in 1973, and it has a blast in tweaking that era. Unveiled is […]



Without overreaching, it’s a good movie and yet it may go down as the superhero movie that dared to be a real movie – with plausible story merit, complex characterizations, a lack of over-glorified bulls***. Hugh Jackman gets to go all the way to stretch out as an actor, and play a wringed out and sick of it freak of nature as Logan […]


Love and Death on Long Island (1998)

This is the John Hurt obscurity that became an essential must-see following the actors’ death. Love and Death on Long Island (1998) is a character study of a stuffy Brit longing for the unattainable […]


Get Out

One of the most brilliantly written horror films as there has ever been (only the final exchanges of dialogue, while passable, fall short of inspiration). Get Out regardless is easily a pop phenomenon […]