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Scarecrow (1973)

We have seen all types of Al Pacino performances that suggest the breadth of his range. I hadn’t seen Scarecrow (1973) since I was 12-years old, but returning to it, I seemed to have gotten the final piece of the puzzle that truly defines the wizardry acting of Pacino […]


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Emotionally enveloping. We live in a time when it’s mission impossible to find a human being as much a genuine article as Fred Rogers, and that feeling is even more reconfirmed while watching the documentary of his life Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Nearly six decades are deftly covered […]



Last year we had “The Killing of a Sacred Deer,” “Get Out,” “Raw” and “Happy Death Day.” This year, it’s even way better, we have “Annihilation” and now Hereditary. It can’t possibly be too early to say […]


Ocean’s 8

If my mind is only half turned on, then Ocean’s 8 is the kind of decent yarn I’m willing to stretch back and watch. George Clooney gathered a humongous cache due to the Ocean movies he did in the 2000’s even though only the first one has ever held up to repeat viewings. He’s gone – just referred to – and Sandra Bullock as his character’s sister […]



Some movies can be like a dozen before it, such as the survivalist in mother nature drama, and it can still be good enough to surrender to: gripping hang onto your life drama that’s full of gasps. Adrift is a familiar lost at sea picture […]



The not bad but not quite good enough Upgrade features the fairly charismatic Logan Marshall-Green (whose low-budget horror creeper “The Invitation” I do heartily recommend) as a man of the future named Grey Trace whose life is put through the ringer […]


First Reformed

Ethan Hawke is a priest with a crisis of conscience, and yet he is supposed to lead the celebration of when his church has its’ upcoming two hundred and fiftieth anniversary. It’s amazing it still stands since its held together by outside donations, while the modernized Abundant Life Church down the road is the one that’s popular and thriving. I’m thinking at first, how is First Reformed […]


Solo: A Star Wars Story

Another overplotted Star Wars fable. Solo: A Star Wars Story is also weighed down by the impossible task of making actor Alden Ehrenreich into a plausible young Hans Solo portrayal, which is not pulled off […]


Deadpool 2

I’m still shocked – yet not really, more like disappointed – that our culture is not burned out with superhero movie fatigue. I sure am. Despite having been overfed with superhero junk, I was taken for a loop when I fell for the offbeat R-rated Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool two years ago. Now we’re back, and while Deadpool 2 is not as fresh, we still get the same foul-mouthed […]


Revenge (France)

The grisly, highly brutal and blood-gushing French film Revenge gets off to a compelling start before losing its way. An unscrupulous and just plain mean boyfriend (Kevin Janssens) flies in on a helicopter to the desert with his sexpot girlfriend Jen (Matilda Lutz). The boyfriend’s name is Richard and he’s married, but he’s there to go hunting with his buddies and […]



We are more watered down and PC-minded now than we were thirty years ago. Being all morally abundant and righteous and message-heavy does not make our movie comedies better. The makers of Overboard probably really wanted to do a remake of the 1987 Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell yukfest, but the way the movie carries itself […]



Empathetic movie therapy for any parent, and especially a parent who had first-hand experience with the juggling act of raising an infant alongside their pre-teens. Tully is also a showcase for actress Charlize Theron, who can plays exhaustion and sleep deprivation with crushing truth […]