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Long Shot

Rom-coms have been infrequent in recent years despite their once unstoppable popularity. Do we now need an avenger in one just to get a green light? We do now have Long Shot which has half-baked […]


Best Films 2018 Revised

When it comes to the list, I have no proclivity to win popular tastes. I have a few hits, a few misunderstood titles I want to defend, a few obscure titles and a few I am predicting will be discovered with cult devotion decades down the line […]


High Life

Outer space as a black pit with an avante-garde concentration on claustrophobia, dissension and debasement. Famed female French director Claire Denis has made her first English language film with an inordinately high budget (for her) with High Life, and to me, this cerebral science fiction […]


A Vigilante

Olivia Wilde in her career has long played the tough cookie who crumbles just in time for the man to come in and rescue her. This time in A Vigilante, Wilde is the avenger of domestic abusers, a serious, rigid and ascetic one […]


The Beach Bum

“Alright, Alright, Alright,” is not something Matthew McConaughey says in his new anything flies avante-garde comedy The Beach Bum. McConaughey goes full method actor and makes his own special stoned creation Moondog […]



The first shot is a simple one, but already you know you’re in the hands of a master filmmaker. Jordan Peele came out of the gate with the standards raising horror film “Get Out,” and already his second film Us is more technically assured in what supports another head-spinning […]


Dragged Across Concrete

Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn get meaty, Tarantino-esque dialogue to work with as a disgraced cop team in Dragged Across Concrete, a slow burn suspense flick that you will remember for a number of reasons. One, S. Craig Zahler flavorfully cooks up 1940’s B-movie noir dialogue updated with profanity-laced […]


Ash is Purest White (China)

If there was ever a film I wanted a graphic sex scene in it is the Chinese film Ash is Purest White (Mandarin, in English subtitles) between Qiao (Tao Zhao) and Bin (Liao Fan). Not only is that scene […]


Three Frontiers

Any action movie is going the extra mile if it’s set outside of the United States, and takes us into the heart of darkness of, say, South America. Three Frontiers instantly plunges into a raid […]


Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel transports the action from another part of the galaxy to the mid-90’s planet Earth, where Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson tag-team… nah, team up so Jackson can provide Larson with backup support, all to fight […]


Vox Lux

There’s a riveting dread that’s laced throughout the picture, as we fear that even the victim is heading somewhere into a morally lost descent that is a no good place. Vox Lux opens with the kind of ripped from the headlines horror that we want to turn our eyes away from […]



I thought at best it would rekindle my nostalgia for stalker thrillers from the 1990’s. The commercials for Greta, about a young single woman (Chloe Grace Moretz) who befriends an old woman (Isabelle Huppert) who turns out to be a crazy clingy stalker, looks competent but soft-edged […]