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Blade Runner 2049

Enigmatic. All these decades of science fiction parables and detective stories has led to the most complicated one that a person can imagine with Blade Runner 2049, and I mean that in the very best way […]


Blade Runner (1982)

One of the seminal works of out-there, mind-blowing science fiction. Blade Runner (1982), so complex, is suddenly more simple after its new complicated sequel has arrived […]



Jennifer Lawrence has such a strong, plucky and extroverted personality that it is disconcerting to see her play a flat and simple-minded cipher. mother! has Lawrence not as a mother or even an expectant mother […]


Raw (France)

So weird, even more so because everything is presented as if it were the normal. Raw (France) is a categorizable horror film, but not a conventional one. It is an avante-garde sociological horror that is open to […]


Paris, Texas (1984)

The drifter walks through hot, dry plains who would seem to belong to no one and have nothing. That would be Harry Dean Stanton as Travis, walking endlessly with no final destination in Paris, Texas (1984). He has been wandering in the wilderness for four years […]


The Bounty (1984)

One of the nicest and more unexpected surprises I’ve had in months in the discovery of this Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson take on the English historical figures Captain William Bligh and Fletcher Christian. I had one of those moments, “I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this way earlier in my life!” The Bounty (1984) sets off as your usual high seas […]



It’s a seismic work of art like “Do the Right Thing,” and it would be a mistake to dismiss it as anything less. I’m still trying to gauge how Detroit will tower over film history […]



The unflinching story of how the Nazis nearly clobbered British, French, Belgian and Canadian soldiers on the beaches of Dunkirk. The style of epic widescreen directing by Christopher Nolan, is what elevates it to something of loftier achievement. Dunkirk is certain to have a place in film history […]


A Ghost Story

I was a skeptic who didn’t think it was going to amount to anything, and then my patience paid off. Immediately artsy but undeniably beautiful, A Ghost Story uses many long shots to develop an aura […]


Beatriz at Dinner

Class inequality is such a commons topic, but now there’s a piece that drums up new troubling feelings. Beatriz at Dinner contains two of the year’s best performances in Salma Hayek and John Lithgow […]


It Comes At Night

A cabin in the woods spook show that’s eerie, tense and minimalist – but as well-crafted as it is, it’s just too minimalist. It Comes At Night has foreboding elements that everything beyond the woods, everything in the rest of the world is sick and not right. Joel Edgerton plays an over-protective […]


Wonder Woman

A magnificent first hour, some fair parts after, before it goes into creative suicide. Wonder Woman has one element that will make it last however and that is the striking star power of Gal Gadot. They say Hollywood doesn’t take risks […]