Official ‘Oz’ Trailer Premiere


12 July 2012| No Comments on Official ‘Oz’ Trailer Premiere     by Sean Chavel


Sam Raimi has the insurmountable task of trying to remake one of the best movies ever made: “The Wizard of Oz” (1939). Hmm… Remake, sort of. More of a re-imagining of the classic L. Frank Baum classic fantasy. The 1939 version was a sublime, colorful fantasy but it was also the epitome of innocence and cheerfulness. You had a giddy time with it. Raimi can possibly bring that kind of magic to Oz: The Great and Powerful, or can he? You can’t really remake or re-imagine a classic of that caliber, but you can do something fresh with it. Do you think Raimi’s got the right stuff? Whatever the case, the trailer has got me positively hoping it can live up to the Oz legend. The gorgeous colors are reminiscent of storybook fairy tales. “Return to Oz” was a 1985 disaster, this looks like at least an improvement. What we are looking at here though is a little more than a teaser.

Any thoughts on the trailer? Comparisons between the 1939 classic and this remake?

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