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For those of you who mercifully missed Larry Crowne and haven’t caught up with any reviews, you oughta here that Julia Roberts is doing that unwelcome thing again: She puts on a sour, unhappy face for the crux of the movie. Once upon a time, she burned her star wattage with that winning smile of hers. I love Julia Roberts, but I love her conditionally. I want her in movies where she puts on a pleasing smile. She doesn’t always want to be pretty, although that is what made her famous. Grimacing in a light romantic comedy is not called for, though, it’s as if she did not get the message by writer-director-actor Tom Hanks. I would guess that Hanks didn’t have the strictness as a director to tell Julia to be pretty.

These following are her five best movies where Julia wins us over with her smile, or at least some kind of charisma, the way she oughta be at all times:

“Pretty Woman” (1990)

As the streetwalker who becomes a glamorous hooker, who transforms into an irresistible soul mate for Richard Gere. This is the pop fantasy where her smile, bubbly charm and buttery body made her a star.

“My Best Friend’s Wedding” (1997)

Julia wants lifelong friend Dermot Mulroney to ditch his fiance and fall in love with her. She’s spurned, but also klutzy and lovable.

“Notting Hill” (1999)

As a vulnerable movie star who falls for bookshop owner Hugh Grant, she brings a down to earth sweetness that rests delicately underneath her famous facade that ordinary men fantasize about.

“Erin Brokovich” (2000)

Julia uses her push-up bra and beaming flirtatiousness to persevere as an unlicensed crusading lawyer. Nobody can keep the facts from her thanks to boobage.

“Ocean’s Eleven” (2001)

Julia is the dazzling socialite who is brandished as Andy Garcia’s delectable arm candy until rogue George Clooney comes along to sweep the casino – and her – away.


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