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01 June 2019| No Comments on Domino     by Sean Chavel


Seriously confused thriller that rushes past the important details when they do happen, but Domino has redeemable moments if you are a Brian DePalma completist like I am. On the upper end, it takes place in Copenhagen, Brussels and Spain, it has some sly DePalma cinematography and a combustible suspense finale at a bullfight amphitheater. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Carice van Houten do not have much time to build chemistry together as cops on a vengeance against an ISIS outfit that has already wreaked havoc on several international incidents. But the two have some dogged cop moments and personal moments that push the characterizations just past adequate.

On the low end, when it comes to actor Eriq Ebouaney I got the name of his perpetrator and cop killer character wrong early until he got mentioned enough the confusion got cleared up. I also thought a scene where two hustlers approach a cop car and then get into a beatdown by our two leads was random, pointless. It also seems overly convenient that Guy Pearce, as a CIA agent, needs just one mole to break open a lead on the ISIS terrorists everyone is after.

It’s all just a little too underdeveloped. The movie had finance issues halfway through production, it also went through a pilfering number of edits, reportedly. At least it runs at a brisk 89 minutes. Let’s just hope the master makes another movie after this one.


Film Cousins: “The Terrorist” (1998, India); “Munich” (2005); “The International” (2009); “Eye in the Sky” (2015).

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