3D Does Not Add Anything for “Cars 2” or “Transformers 3”


3D did not add anything to the recent movie watching experiences I had at Cars 2 and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Once again, 3D is there to add unnecessary surcharges on the ticket prices. The holographic effects and depth of field were minimal and, after a certain point, unnoticeable. “Cars 2” can only have so much depth of field because, gee, it’s animated. “Transformers 3” employed depth of field and deck structure most noticeably in the beginning scenes and then abandoned them.

3D is a gimmick. It is a rip-off gimmick. Big-gun Hollywood studios are desperate that Americans – this is sarcastic conjecture – that they are only making $150 million dollar net and not $200 million dollar net on their franchise pictures. Oh, the greed.

What 3D effects did I notice in “Cars 2?” The opening sequence, sure. Then mostly it was employed during scenes of sportscaster booths and the holographic stat figures and graphic titles that “stood out” in three-dimensions. How about engine sparks? Yeah, sure. But there were actual burn-rubber scenes where the engine and tire sparks didn’t even fly off the screen. Like the 3D post-production team forgot or something.

What 3D effects did I notice in “Transformers 3?” The opening sequence, as aforementioned. And definitely during some of the close-up scenes of Decepticons shredding automobiles and fisting our Autobot heroes – you see the sparks fly, oh how sweet, like it was ten or fifteen feet off the screen at you! The sparks and debris never jetted at your eyeball, if you know what I mean. There are such a lack of 3D effects by the way, that you can take off your sunglasses, uh, 3D glasses for many scenes and not miss any 3D wowness. Because Hollywood is investing this surcharge-priced gimmick so they can create a new wowness at the movies, off course. Oh, did I say off course? I meant to use the word of course. My bad.

“Cars 2” was at least done in such jolly bright colors that it wasn’t dim. “Transformers 3” was dim. Also in both cases, I couldn’t kiss the girl next to me, my date, or our glasses would have bumped. She’s not Megan Fox, or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for that matter, but she still has full pink lips and I like to kiss them when they’re juicy. She’s just a dork though when she wears those 3D glasses. Oh, I guess I look like one, too.


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Sean Chavel

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